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CAN BLAU Montsant Blau 2009
91 Points by WS
Dense yet lively, this expressive red shows morello cherry, floral, licorice and mineral flavors
supported by light, firm tannins and fresh acidity. Mountain herb and smoke notes keep this from
turning candied, but the sweet fruit lingers nicely
Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo ...100 RATING BY DRAFT BEER
Pouring hazy amber with a featherweight off-white head, Yorkshire Stingo emits intoxicating, mouthwatering scents of
caramel-dipped raisins, rich vanilla, fresh coconut and earthy-
sweet tobacco. Thick caramel pours onto the tongue and carouses with raisin and sherry flavors as the swallow washes back.
Mid-sip, woody oak notes infuse the drink with earthiness, lending a sophisticated, aged quality to the profile. Molasses
weaves through the back before drying alcohol ushers the flavors from the palate. Complex and stunningly balanced, this old
ale is perfection in a glass.
Luc Belaire Rare Rose
Product of France
Winemaker's Notes
A dramatically beautiful sparkling Rose: a rich, vibrant pink color. A rich red fruit bouquet
precedes an elegant palate of strawberry and black currant, resulting in a perfect harmony of
aroma, taste, body, and finish: refreshing but not too sweet. A delicious, delicate blend of
France's three most famous Rose grapes: Syrah, Cinsault, and Grenache, aged for the perfect
effervescence and blended with a 100% Syrah dosage
Wooden Nickel India Pale Ale
5.6% ABV
American IPA is an American version of the historical English style, brewed using American
Ingredients and attitude.
A decidedly hopper and bitter, somewhat strong pale ale.
Tasting Notes
The IPA is hopped while in the brew kettle and is dry hopped twice more through the
brewing process. During fermentation dry leaf hops were added and they also added dry leaf
hops during the finishing process.
Hops - (mostly) Fuggles, Cascade, a high alpha acid hop, and Dry Leaf hops
Malts - Pale, CaraAmber, and EuroPilsener
IBU - 55
Two Left Feet Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot
The Two Left Feet is looking amazing with real complexity of aromas on the nose. It really displays our fruit flavor spectrum
showing beautiful dark berry and plum fruit with lots of spice. The palate is round and filling and has concentrated sweet
fruits with layers of chocolate and cream. It is such a wonderful example of how Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot can be blended
together to fully complement each other. Two Left Feet has always been a stand out for me and this vintage is exceptional
belair rose
Hennessy 250 Collector Blend
Commemorating our 250th anniversary, The Hennessy 250 Collector Blend pays full tribute
to two-and-a-half centuries of excellence, international expansion, and visionary passion
The product of a singular aging method, a mere 250 casks of this blend were crafted, one
for each of Hennessy’s 250 years. The elegant carafe, Designed by Stephanie Balini, is
emblematic of Hennessy’s modern vision and vast legacy.